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A signed 48-page zine of photographs created between 2019 and 2021. Designed by Brian Felix, edited by Nelson Chan, and printed by El Sereno Graphics. Second edition of 100. Photographs and zine copyright Sydney Krantz 2023, all rights reserved.

Griefmeat, translated back into German, means  the weight a person gains during a period of overeating due to unhappiness, depression, or grief. 

This series was formed during the height of the pandemic and born out of grief. Grief over relationships ending, friends dying, my stable mental health wavering, and the end of the world we once knew. As a photographer who lives and breathes bright colors, these images portray the desaturation and darkness I was experiencing.

The cover image was made at a porn star friend’s Thanksgiving dinner in the midst of the pandemic. It was quite the LA experience: disorienting, isolating, and a little magical….just like my grief.

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